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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sesame Street Fun

Last Saturday we went and saw Sesame Street Live at the Reliant Arena with Aunt Holli, Uncle Mike, Jack, Braydon, Madison, MiMi, and the triplets' Oma and Opa. Although the message of the show might have been a little much for all the kiddos to understand, the dancing and singing was a lot of fun.

After many obstacles and much frustration, I made Madi, Jack and Braydon each a shirt with Elmo on it. Chloe decided that she didn't like Elmo and she wanted a Cookie Monster shirt. The day of the show she said she wanted an Elmo shirt :/ Really? You make me tired! Holli found some cute shirts for us to wear! Thanks Holli ~ good find!

Chloe loves her Aunt Holli

The Sesame Street Gang

It seems all of the excitement was too much for Madison and Jack!
After the show we thought it would be a good idea to go visit PawPaw at MD Anderson. We were glad when the nurse ok'd Chloe to visit. We visited with PawPaw for a couple of hours. I have never personally known anyone that has gone through chemo, so I automatically expected the worst. PawPaw has been a superhero through all of his treatments! He has lost his hair and a little bit of weight but his spirits remain high, and that is why we LOVE him! We are all praying for him to be cancer free very soon.

Chloe was pretty good at the hospital. We were not even out of the Medical Center before she was down for the count. Made for a quiet ride home.