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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Girl Room

We recently got Chloe new bedroom furniture. I was worried that she would not transition well so we left the toddler bed set up for a couple of weeks. Last weekend she went and stayed the night with Mimi at Holli's house. I took this opportunity to take apart the toddler bed! When she got home she said "Oh no, where is my Princess bed?". I explained that this was now her Princess bed. The sheet set is Princess, I decided to forego a Princess comforter! She has slept well and had lots of jumping fun in her big girl bed!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Month of May

On Cinco de Mayo I headed to San Antonio with the girls from my office. The dentist took us to the annual dental meeting from Thursday until Saturday. We stayed at a hotel on the Riverwalk. This was my first trip away from both B and Chloe. Although I was worried about Chloe getting a bath and her teeth brushed, B handled everything like a champ. Here is a picture of us eating dinner at a sushi restaurant (on Cinco de Mayo????).

All I have to say is--don't pretend that you are twenty something when you are NOT. Do NOT eat dinner with people who like Sake and have all of these rules about tapping your glass and making you take shots of Sake. Do NOT drink several beers after these said shots of Sake. Do NOT go to bed at 2 when you need to wake at 6. 4 hours of sleep is NO good when you have to sit through 8 hours of lecturing! Other than a headache and dozing in class I was ok after some Starbucks and a muffin!

On Saturday we were invited to go to a family member's lakehouse. Unfortunately I did not make it home from San Antonio in time to join the get together. B still took Chloe and celebrated Mother's Day with his Mom! From what I hear it was a good time that I am sorry I missed. For Mother's Day B and Chloe made me breakfast!

Also in May was B's company picnic out in Magnolia. Chloe got to go fishing, feed goats and play some putt-putt. The weather was so nice on this day.

Watch out Tiger!

Easter Cont'd

On Easter day we headed to Aunt Holli's house. We had an egg hunt, ate great food, visited with extended family and celebrated my birthday (again) and Holli's birthday! Holli was on call. Thankfully her patients let her enjoy time with her family. Here are some pictures from the hunt.
It's hard to see in the picture--- there are a ton of eggs! 1 egg about every couple of feet.
Jack spotted his first one.
Even Coco was excited!

Chloe cleaned house but next year will be much more difficult because I am sure the Triplets will remember that the eggs had M&Ms!

Madison shows off her loot!

Braydon's goodies!Jack refused to look at the camera!

Holli with her little men-----enjoying their M&Ms!!
And last but not least, this very pretty lizard hanging out in Holli's back yard!

I'm Back!

****I have decided to make this into a few posts, too many pictures for one post*****
I really haven't been away, just lazy :) A lot has happened since March! In April we celebrated my birthday, Holli's 30th birthday, Easter and Evah's birthday (Chloe's friend). B and Chloe took me to Shogun for my birthday dinner. They have kid friendly chopsticks that Chloe was actually able to use. After 20 minutes of trying I have given up on uploading the picture of Chloe using the chopsticks. The picture is stuck on B's phone :( I got a Cuisinart Grind N' Brew coffee maker from B and Chloe and a Belgian Waffle maker from my Mom!
The day before Easter we helped Evah celebrate her 3rd birthday at the Downtown Aquarium. Chloe had never been. We all had so much fun!
They were so cute!

Too much fun!

After birthday fun we decided to color Easter eggs. This was the first time that Chloe could really do it. She was a little rough but only cracked one egg.

Easter morning B hid the eggs in the back yard. Chloe hunted in her jammies. The Easter Bunny brought her Tangled. (super cute movie) I forgot to take her to get a picture with the Easter Bunny. :(

More Easter stuff in the next post!