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Friday, August 10, 2012

Cousin Love

Dani is SO lucky to have three cousins that absolutely adore her! It's "Baby Dani this and Baby Dani that". It is so cute and I can't wait until she can interact more with them. Here is some cousin love from our last trip to the country.
Jack is her #1 fan
Madi loved feeding Dani
love for Baby Dani
Madi NEEDS a baby sister (hint hint Aunt Holli)
Braydon needed his share too
love for Dani
MiMi and Dani
country cactus
Chloe and Madi
B driving the buggy!

the best thing about going to the country--riding in the buggy!!
country cupcakes :)
Jack REALLY loved his cupcake
This was Dani's first trip to the country. It was a LONG drive. She didn't fuss too much but she didn't sleep either.  She was great while we were there.  The way home was again a different story. She fussed quite a bit :(  B decided that I was not doing an acceptable job of keeping her happy so he thought I should drive and he would get her to sleep. He learned real quick that it was not my lack of entertaining......she really is strong willed. He got her to sleep 15 minutes. It is close to a 6 hour drive.  I hate to say it, but "I told you so!"

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