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Monday, August 6, 2012


****photo bomb****

Although I have had plenty of time to update my blog, I obviously haven't! So here it goes.
Dani will be 6 months old in 2 days. I can't believe she is already half a year old but at the same time I feel like she has been here a long time.  She has come a long way with her temperament but is still fussy at times. She has gone from crying almost all day to very little crying. That is, unless we go out in public....then she makes sure to be heard. It really is very frustrating. I know she will outgrow it and I am looking forward to it!

Other than tending to Dani I have been busy sewing and using my embroidery machine that I got for my birthday from my awesome brother!!  I use nap time to do hobbies!  Thanks to Pinterest I have way too many crafts that I want to attempt! I will save those for another post.

1 month
Chloe (mostly) loves Dani
Cousin Jack LOVES Baby Dani. It is seriously the cutest!
2 months
Thank goodness for swaddles!!
One of her first smiles
Oh my! Mad Easter Bunny
Madi and Dani

3 months
We had some special visitors!
Uncle Patrick 
my Aunt Rose 
B and Dani
Watching Mommy embroider

4 months
time to start solids!
She decided that baby food is over rated!
first painted toes
my favorite picture
giggles for PawPaw
MiMi and Dani

teaching Dani to play Angry Birds
first trip to Waco to visit Memaw and Papaw

Over the past 6 months we haven't been many places. Several trips to Aunt Holli's house (Easter and Mother's Day).  A few restaurants (which were horrible--Dani not the restaurant!)  Several checkup appointments.  The pool a few times.  

We did however, have a great trip to Waco!  It was just me and the girls. Dani did awesome on the 3 hour drive there.  She also did great at my mom's house.  The ride home was a different story. The trip we had to the museum when we got back from Waco was not too good either!  Dani sleeps great at home but does not sleep in the car or if we are out and about. :(

I have much more to blog about but I will do those in different posts. 

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